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We create best in class web apps using Golang + Bulma + MongoDB.

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*We build awesome, scalable web apps using Golang + MongoDB + Bulma CSS

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Golang + Bulma CSS + MongoDB: Meet Your New Scalable Webapp.

We build all of our projects using Golang.

Why Golang? Golang is a powerful language suitable for building scalable, stable and robust web applications that can drive enterprise, mission critical solutions.

We combine our Golang code and libraries with our custom Bulma.css UI elements, along with MongoDB to create blazing fast, secure and reliable webapps that your team and customers will love.

Need a Web APP?

(We’ve got you covered.)

Fast, reliable web apps.

We only design webapps using Golang – a powerful development language that powers enterprise class projects around the world. We leverage Golang along with other powerful technologies – such as bulma.css and MongoDB – to create awesome webapps. Our apps aren’t tied down to a specific platform or appstore – they play nice on all major devices, look great, and deliver a consistent experience.

We follow best practices to help your app shine with customers to give you the best results every time.

SSP Media - Mobile google friendly web design using WordPress

Past Projects & Experience

We have developed web apps and training solutions for business, non-profits, government, and municipalities.

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Developer Bootcamp Training

(By Real Experts.)

Level up your dev education programs.

We have extensive non-profit experience, and in the past have created coding bootcamps to inspire youth and non-devs to take the first step into the world of development.

Do you have a team of entry level or aspiring devs looking to improve their skills? We can also take junior devs and help them acquire and polish the skills needed to get to that next level.

What we can build for you.

We have built a variety of web apps across industries ranging from media to construction.

SSP Media - Cyber Security

Stay Safe.

(Especially online.)

Operate with peace of mind.

In this era of technology, small businesses and nonprofits are increasingly vulnerable to cyber threats. As hacking techniques become more advanced and data security gains greater significance, organizations must grasp the risks they encounter and the impact on their current operations.

Our team collaborates with you to introduce training, policies, and hardware and software solutions that enhance your security measures and minimize potential threats.

Mika Software - cyber security solutions

Real solutions for real business cases.

For over 10 years we have seen the same opportunities, challenges and struggles that you have faced.  These are the values that drive every solution that we build.

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SSP Media - Cyber Security

Looking for a website?

(We’ll make it easy.)

We build customer and google friendly websites using WordPress.

We specialize in creating websites exclusively using WordPress – the most popular content management system worldwide. With WordPress, we can build visually appealing and high-performing websites, just like the one you’re currently browsing. Whether you need a small informational site or a large-scale platform like Katy Perry’s official homepage, we have the expertise to deliver outstanding results.

Our team collaborates closely with you to design a website that perfectly represents your brand. We ensure that your site looks fantastic not only on desktop computers but also on iPhones and other smart devices. This way, your customers will have a pleasant browsing experience, and search engines like Google will also appreciate it.

Additionally, we prioritize the accessibility of your website and adhere to industry best practices. Our goal is to ensure that your message reaches as many people as possible, guaranteeing inclusivity and usability for all visitors.

Mika Software - cyber security solutions

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